Styling Secrets, let your imagination run wild

Ideal to create always different looks and to enhance the creativity and professionalism of the hair stylists, the line consists of 7 products completely Made in Italy, the result of the research of the NIKA laboratories, characterized by a minimal black packaging. The subtle and refined fragrance with fruity notes (apple, spiced pear, coconut, fig, pineapple, vanilla and caramel) ensures a 360 ° sensorial experience that will conquer both female and male senses.

All fluid formulations, today among the most requested and appreciated by hair salon customers, can be mixed together to modulate hold and flexibility for extraordinary results. Waxes and fluids contain fixative agents capable of offering a “24h” seal.

Sophisticated and effective, the new Nika styling contains hot-activated ingredients that protect hair from heat and that increase the volume of the hair fiber when textured, with targeted technology: Termo Protector, Volume Boost, Long Lasting and Shine Boost.



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